Kathy Schroeder: What Has Happened to an Ex-Waco Resident?

Kathy Schroeder: What Has Happened to an Ex-Waco Resident? ...

'Waco: American Apocalypse', a Netflix original documentary series revisiting one of the most deadly sieges in history, can only be described as being both frightening, frightening, and heartbreaking. Because it is composed of interviews with both former government officials and religious cult members who examine the circumstances surrounding the 51-day standoff.

Kathy Schroeder, who is she?

Kathy, a divorced mother of three, found her calling after three years of service in the United States Air Force. She then reconnected with her high school boyfriend Michael "Mike" Schroeder, who at the same time was interested in David Koresh's new covenant message for the Branch Davidians. In 1989, the couple packed up their bags and moved to Texas.

Kathy and Michael, as well as nearly every other member of this group, hoped to "live for God" at Mt. Carmel Center near Waco, and it's only that their leader claimed to be the Messiah. Although the couple had a son, they still supported it. Despite their circumstances, the family of five were genuinely happy because they had a shared purpose.

Kathy has always defended David in his alleged sexual interactions with extremely underage girls, as well as with girls many, many years younger than 18. “People think that a guy having sex with a bunch of underaged girls is a crime,” she said in the Netflix production.

Kathy was reportedly a member of David's The Mighty Men group, which was basically his little army of active guards within the massive Mt. Carmel Center compound. Yet, as her children had already been released into federal custody, she left on March 12, 1993, 38 days before things came to an end.

Kathy Schroeder: What Has Happened to her?

Kathy Schroeder was immediately identified by officials by revealing what had happened inside her house from the start of the deadly shootout on February 28, but they arrested her shortly after. She had been permitted to spend time with her three older children until she learned that her spouse had died on the first day of the shootout, but that was all before they took her into custody.

Kathy was actually charged with first-degree murder for knowingly, willfully, and unlawfully conspiring and agreeing to testify against others in the Bureau of Investigation in this case. However, she was sentenced to three years in prison on the lesser charge of resisting arrest. From what we can tell, she was released at the expected time, and she is currently based in Tampa.

Kathy is sadly unclear what she has been up to these days, but we do know that she had just welcomed her fifth child into this world with a then-incredible boyfriend in 1999. Plus, most of her older children also returned to her when they were young, so she is most likely to be surrounded by her warm, supportive, caring family at every step of the way in Tampa, Florida.

Kathy knows that if the horrific siege had not occurred three decades prior to 1983, she would still be a Branch Davidian in Mt. Carmel Center. She would not have forced her children to leave if they wanted to, as she isn't a religious person, but she would've asked for no judgment in return.

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