Everything You Need to Know About Macaulay Culkins' Brothers & Sisters

Everything You Need to Know About Macaulay Culkins' Brothers & Sisters ...

  • Macaulay Culkin is an actor who was one of the biggest child stars of all time
  • He is best known for playing Kevin McCallister in ‘Home Alone’ and its sequel
  • Macalauy has six siblings and one half-sibling, some fo whom are also actors

Macaulay Culkin is officially a father of two. The former child star, 42, secretly welcomed his second child with Brenda Song, 34, at the end of 2022, as he grew up with two different women. Six of his children were born as a result of his almost 20-year relationship with Patricia Brentrup.

Kit's first daughter, and Macaulay's half-sister, Jennifer, died in 2000 of heroin-related illnesses; then, in 2008, Macaulay's sister Dakota died of her injuries after she was hit by a car in Los Angeles. She was 29 years old.

Kieran Culkin is a professional basketball player.

Kieran Culkin, Macaulay's younger brother, was born on September 30, 1982. He played Fuller as Kevin McCallister's younger cousin in both Home Alone films, as well as She's All That and The Cider House Rules throughout his teenage years.

During an Aug. 2022 interview with Awards Daily, he played Wallace Wells, the roommate of Michael Cera's titular antagonist.

Kieran prefers to stay away from the spotlight, but the popularity of the program has certainly helped his face become more familiar around town. "It's mostly fine," he told Vanity Fair about his reaction to being thrust into the spotlight during an Aug. 2022 interview. "I'm also feeling like an a** because I was assuming that they're taking pictures of me."

“It's just an offence,” Kieran said. “You can see in their faces, they didn't realize they were doing something horrible.” They married in 2013. They met on the street in 2013.

Kieran admitted that he has not met Macaulay's second-born child in a March 2023 interview. “The cousins live in Los Angeles, we live in New York,” he said of the Succession season 4 premiere.

Rory Culkin is a professional basketball player.

Rory Culkin, who was born on July 21, 1989, is Macaulay's younger brother. From then on, Rory appeared alongside Macaulay in the 1993 film The Good Son, as well as alongside his older brother, Kieran, in the 2002 film Igby Goes Down.

Rory continued to excel in both film and television throughout the 2000s, appearing in more established films such as Scream 4 and Hick in 2011 and Lords of Chaos. Like Kieran, Rory has seemingly set his sights on television, appearing in The Expecting and Under the Banner of Heaven, an episode in 2023.

Rory's nude scene in Swarm was praised for its cringe-worthy nature. He presented her with a bowl of strawberries strategically placed over his privates, and she was like, 'Hey,' according to the show's creators in March 2023.

"I was like, 'I'm stealing something,'" she said. "And he was like, 'All right.' So I just ran with it."

Shane Culkin is a professional footballer.

Shane Culkin, born in 1976, is Macaulay's older brother. He tried acting as a teenager and has one IMDb credit for a 1989 performance in the TV show Great Performances, in which he played Wally Webb in the episode "Our Town." However, his professional acting career is limited.

Quinn Culkin is a graduate of Harvard University.

Quinn Culkin, who was born on November 8, 1984, is Macaulay's younger sister. Unsurprisingly, Quinn began acting as a kid in the 1991 animated series Wish Kid, and acted alongside her big brother in the 1993 film The Good Son.

Christian Culkin is a professional footballer.

According to IMDb, Christian Culkin, born on January 30, 1987, is Macaulay's younger brother.

Dakota Culkin is a professional basketball player.

Dakota Culkin, born on June 15, 1978, was Macaulay's sister, who died tragically in a car crash in December 2008. But Macaulay has kept her memory alive, naming his first child with partner Brenda Song after his beloved sister.

Dakota hid behind the scenes and never took to acting professionally. According to her IMDb page, she was involved in the art department for the 2009 film, Lost Soul.

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