Everything You Need to Know About Michael Caines' Nearly 50-year-old wife, Shakira Caine

Everything You Need to Know About Michael Caines' Nearly 50-year-old wife, Shakira Caine ...

  • Michael Caine is an Oscar-nominated actor, known for roles in ‘Alfie’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and much more.
  • Michael was first married to Patricia Haines and has a daughter.
  • He’s been married to Shakira Baksh since 1973, and they also have a daughter.

Michael Caine has had a remarkable Hollywood career. For his performance in Alfie, he was nominated for an Oscar for the first time in 1966. He then won Best Supporting Actor for Hannah and her Sisters in 1987 and The Cider House Rules for the Cider House Rules in 2000. More recently, he was nominated for the King of Thieves by the late Queen Elizabeth in 2000.

Michael Haines, his first wife, gave birth to their youngest child Dominique, 67. After their marriage in 1958, Michael would soon meet Shakira Baksh, 76, whom he has been married to for 50 years. The actor celebrated his 90th birthday on March 14, 2023.

Shakira hails from Guyana.

Shakira was born on February 23, 1947 in British Guyana. At the age of 16, she left school and worked as a secretary at a US Information Service office. While she was an employee, conflict broke out in her country and the facility was destroyed.

She enrolled in beauty pageants in order to live a better future.

Shakira aspired to a better life outside Guyana by participating in beauty pageants as a child. In 1966, she won the title of "Miss Guyana" and went on to compete in the "Miss World" competition in 1967.

Shakira was first seen by Michael in a commercial.

What's It All About, by Michael, details the first time he saw his future wife on television back in the early 1970s. Shakira was dancing in the background and Michael was speechless. "My heart started pounding and my palms became sweaty," the actor said. He said of her. "I want to meet her."

In'2 minutes,' Shakira made Michael fall in love with her.

According to his autobiography, Michael decided he would like to meet Shakira. She rang Michael 11 times before she said no to a date with him. “She took me two hours to fall in love with me,” the actor said.

Shakira said back in 1976 to People: "He was everything I expected." "I had just seen him in Get Carter and he seemed so brutal and brutal. Instead, I found him charming and very gentle, someone I'd like to spend my life with."

The couple got engaged in 1973, and shortly afterwards, Natasha, a 50-year-old daughter, was born.

Michael and Shakira are business partners.

In a March 2023 interview with Esquire, Michael discussed the key to his successful marriage. He explained that it is extremely important for the two of them to have separate bathrooms. She also explained that she and I are equal partners in the company.

Michael explained that being attracted to his wife is crucial due to the nature of his work. "If you work with some of the most beautiful women in the world, you'd better have someone beautiful to return to." He responded.

He mentioned that they now go to local pubs in town with friends before returning to the country to spend time with their grandchildren, whom they both "adore."

Michael's dranken was saved by her.

Michael's bottle-of-vodka-a-day habit predated his large smoking. He credits his wife with saving his life, saying, "She didn't tell me to give up drinking."

In 1976, he reiterated the sentiment to People, saying, "If you've led my life in the past, now is the time when you begin to come together and become a valuable entity as a husband and family man."

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