The Neighborhood's 100th Episode: Season 5 Episode 17

The Neighborhood's 100th Episode: Season 5 Episode 17 ...

When The Neighborhood returns this April, it sets a new standard for television shows that have premiered in their one-hundredth episode. What we'll need to know more about it All you need to know about it is the promo and release date.

Finale of Season 4 of The Neighborhood, Episode 22 (Guest Gina Yashere) Will Necie accept the marriage proposal?

Spoilers for Season 5 of The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 11 had a table read to commemorate the episode titled "Welcome to Milestone." The above photo shows the group as Cedric the Entertainer starts his job as director of the program on January 17.

Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer) is having a hard time locating a great birthday present for Tina (Arnold) because he has a history of failing in the process. This time, Calvin is making an extra effort to ensure that the present he gives her is one that she will adore. Gemma (Behrs) is also attempting to persuade Jerry O'Connell, who is her children's principal at her school, to donate VIP seats to the school

Season 5 Episode 17 Guest Cast of The Neighborhood

According to what is suggested in the episode's logline, O'Connell will play a guest star in the episode, along with his other work colleagues from The Talk, including Sheryl Underwood, Natalie Morales, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Amanda Kloots.

5.17 Synopsis for The Neighborhood:

The Cast of Season 5 of The Neighborhood

Calvin Butler will be played by Cedric the Entertainer; Max Greenfield as Dave Johnson; Beth Behrs as Gemma Johnson; Tina Arnold will play Tina Butler; Sheaun McKinney will play Malcolm Butler; Marcel Spears will play Marty Butler; Hank Greenspan will be the guest cast.

The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 17 is set to release on July 1.

The Neighborhood Season 5 Episode 17 will be released on the CBS Television Network on Monday, April 10 at 8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT, and is available to stream life and on-demand on Paramount+ once it is released on television.

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