Google has opened up its access to the Bard AI bot, but it will not replace search

Google has opened up its access to the Bard AI bot, but it will not replace search ...

Google announced that it would only be available to select users in the United States and the United Kingdom. You may join the waiting list at It does not say when exactly it will open access to everyone.

Google's Bard bot, similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot and Microsoft's Bing search bot, allows users to ask questions about any topic in a text input field. Due to this well-documented tendency of search engines, Google emphasizes that Bard is not a replacement for a search engine.

On the bot's page, Google wrote: "Meet Bard, your creative and helpful assistant to expand your imagination, increase your productivity, and bring your ideas to life." Hsiao and Eli Collins have described Bard as "an early experiment designed to stimulate people's curiosity."

A prominent disclaimer is placed below the main text field, similar to ChatGPT and Bing, cautioning users that "Bard may display information that is inaccurate or offensive and does not correspond with Google's opinions."

Bard, a chatbot that worked on a demo for The Verge, was able to respond quickly and fluidly to a number of common queries, including mundane advice on how to get a kid to bowling (“Take him bowling”) and recommending a list of popular heist movies (“The Heist”).

The attempt to obtain factual information from Bard was unsuccessful, as expected. Instead, the bot produced three different but contradictory responses. Repeating the request allowed us to obtain the correct information.

“This is a good example,” Collins said during the demonstration. “Sometimes the bot understands the context and makes a mistake, and other times,” says the author.

The Google chatbot, like its competitors in the face of ChatGPT and Bing, sometimes provides ambiguous answers, although sometimes it answers difficult questions quite adequately. As Google expands its accessibility to Bard, this collective stress test will improve the system.

Bard appears to be faster than the competitors and has the same potential wide capabilities as these systems, for example, in terms of program code. However, Bard does not have the well-defined Bing-like footnotes that Google claims only when directly quoting a source, such as a news article.

If you notice an error, click on it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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