Adobe has developed an artificial intelligence image generator that does not infringe on copyright

Adobe has developed an artificial intelligence image generator that does not infringe on copyright ...

With the release of Firefly's "set of generative AI models" for working with images, Adobe has entered the AI competition. Their distinguishing feature is that they do not violate copyrights.

The first presented AI tool is an evolution of the popular DALL-E or Midjourney neural networks — it also allows you to draw pictures from a text description. The second tool allows you to decorate lettering in a creative manner, similar to WordArt.

Adobe is striving to make its AI tools more intuitive to use. For example, instead of entering a detailed description for styling an image, Adobe provides built-in options for art styles, lighting, and aspect ratios. Users will also be able to modify an already created one rather than creating a new one each time.

Adobe will add additional artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, such as for image editing. For example, AI will be able to modify parts of an image or its style, substitute colors, alter individual objects or their environment, and make other changes based on text descriptions. Also promised is a 3D model generator, a sketch-to-image converter, and other services.

Adobe trained its models on public or licensed images, including from the Adobe Stock library, without intentionally infringing on the artists' copyrights. Going forward, the company plans to pay data providers and allow image owners to ban AI training on their content.

Adobe claims that this approach allows you to "generate high-quality content," rather than random [соетаниии] intellectual property of brands and other persons, because our model has never seen the content of this brand or trademark.

Adobe is planning to permit artists to train Firefly on their own images, which is intended to produce work in a completely unique, personal style.

Firefly is still in beta testing, and it is available exclusively on the Adobe website. You must have an invitation to use it. Later, the company integrates Firefly into its creative applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, with a simple visual interface.

Adobe hasn't given a release date for these features, but they're some of the company's initiatives.

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