In the event of a loss of reproductive ability, the Parliament backed a measure allowing free storage of Ukraine's defenders and defenses. Aroged

In the event of a loss of reproductive ability, the Parliament backed a measure allowing free storag ...

Deputies of Ukraine's deputy Oksana Dmitrieva No. 8011, dated 09/08/2022, introduced measures to protect Ukrainian soldiers from biological fatherhood and motherhood in the event that they are injured that affect reproductive functions. According to him, Ukrainian military personnel will be able to keep their reproductive cells free in cryobanks.

In the early summer of 2022, an idea for the bill was presented during a visit by a group of deputies to the United Kingdom, where a similar practice exists. Later, Oksana Dmitrieva visited the United States, where all the military retain their reproductive cells.

A person who decides to keep his cells records the genetic material to whom and for how long (the duration may be limited or not) it is legal to dispose of the cells exclusively for himself or to transfer the cells to the general fund in the event of expiration or other circumstances. All actions with reproductive material will be performed exclusively with the patient's consent.

Provided cages are subjected to a thorough quality selection. According to Oksana Dmitrieva, this could be, for example, ten of the 20 submitted samples. The patient will be asked about hereditary diseases, and the material will be carefully examined by scientists.

The possibility of surrogate motherhood is provided for women in situations where they are denied the opportunity to have a child, but only within Ukraine.

The state will pay for the maintenance of the cells, which will cost roughly 500 to 600 UAH per month. The main expenses are for preparations for egg retrieval in women, which will cost 30 to 40 thousand UAH per patient. Egg preservation is a relatively new procedure, which has been performed for no more than 15 years.

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