The trailer for Deceive Inc.'s Become a Secret Agent has been released

The trailer for Deceive Inc.'s Become a Secret Agent has been released ...

The multiplayer agent game "Deceive Inc." has been released. Here several agents try to extract a target unnoticed. where they must face off against their competitors.

Deceive Inc. is now playable on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The multiplayer game was released today, with a teaser from Sweet Bandits Studios and Tirpwire Presents.

Thanks to supported crossplay, your friends will be able to play on whatever platform they prefer. You may team up or compete against one another without any issues. Both a team and a solo mode is available.

Choose to be one of eight secret agents, each with their own abilities and a weapon. The former may be customized. When it comes to your gear, you utilize useful items, such as a bulletproof umbrella.

Every agent belongs to a particular class. Anyone who is assigned to the vanguard can be dubbed a well-trained fighter. The pursuers, in turn, are focused on finding their target. Rogues prefer nasty tricks, while troublemakers focus on control and disrupting fights.

Undercover, infiltrated agents perform their responsibilities.

To fool opponents, disguise yourself as one of the many NPCs or as an inanimate object. Only follow the instructions of the other secret agents, since they work for the same company as you.

The PlayStation Store costs one Amount of 19.99 euros. There is also the so-called Black Tie Edition, for which the creator charges 29.99 euros.

The launch trailer from the start can be seen here:

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