Twitch confirms a 50/50 revenue split with streamers

Twitch confirms a 50/50 revenue split with streamers ...

Twitch announced that he would not stand down from his position in September 2022, and that the 50/50 revenue split with top streamers would be extended to top streamers as well. In the past, Twitch had given some top streamers favor contracts, but currently does not want to go back to a 70/30 split under any circumstances.

According to Chief Product Officer Tom Verrilli and Chief Monetization Officer Mike Minton in an interview with The Verge magazine, some streamers have decided to leave the platform and join the competition, including YouTube and Kick. Despite that, Twitch does not want to take a step back.

Minton stated that the development team is constantly checking the placement of spots and their intrusiveness, especially when a viewer is new to the channel and is tempted to follow it.

They agreed that becoming successful content creators is always difficult, but they said now is the appropriate time to try Twitch, since many influencers are fleeing in search of bigger incomes.

The most popular alternatives are currently YouTube, which generates 70% of the revenues, and Kick, which unfortunately has a serious gambling problem.

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