The idea of the law Maskshow Stop from the Ministry of Digital Development: searches in IT firms without seizure of equipment and the ability to copy information Aroged

The idea of the law Maskshow Stop from the Ministry of Digital Development: searches in IT firms wit ...

Mykhailo Fedorov, who was elected by the Verkhovna Rada to the position of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine's Innovation, Development, Science, and Technology, talked about the first steps of the future Stop Masks Show legislation and presented the relevant innovations to the heads of large IT businesses.

The purpose of the "Stop Masks Show" legislation is to make it impossible for law enforcement agencies to infiltrate companies illegally, which results in a halt in the business process. However, searches should not be undertaken in situations where there is no availability of equipment.

Even before the war, the authorities planned to amend the Code of Criminal Procedure within the city of "City." However, the process was postponed due to a large-scale invasion. But the process has now begun.

The following innovations are offered by Mintsifra:

If something or documents is taken, the owner is allowed to use it in the future. This will help the judge to understand the situation.

Sadly, these are just proposals that have yet to be implemented. Work on the concept and the substance of the bill is still being developed by the Ministry of Digital Development. It is unclear when the document will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. However, representatives from IT businesses and government organizations are being considered in the discussion.

Representatives of the IT industry have still held a shaky head about the proposed measure. Although it is lauded as a success, they caution that it will not eliminate all search issues.

The authorities need to alter the general attitude towards business, according to him.

Because this is only the first version, the Attorney General's office has yet to speak on the laws' details and scope.

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