The Venom actor in Marvels Spider-Man 2 has missed out on a PS5 release date

The Venom actor in Marvels Spider-Man 2 has missed out on a PS5 release date ...

Following the release of God of War Ragnarok last autumn, Marvel's Spider-Man is the most anticipated first-party game on PlayStation. With permission from Final Fantasy XVI, the new Spider-Man might be the best PS5 game of the year.

Spider-Man 2 may be released this autumn, according to Tony Todd, who plays Venom.

In response to a Twitter user, he said it in the following tone: "It looks like it will be released in September!" Todd said. "Get the air!"

Spider-Man 2 will be released on PS5 in September, and there will be advertising in August.

The tweet had not yet been deleted at the time of it being published. It might be deleted shortly... and we are praying that Insomniac and Sony will not be too harsh on Todd for breaking the NDA.

Tony Todd He is a well-known actor known for playing Kurn in Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, as well as for numerous voice roles in Transformers films, DC series, and video games such as Half-Life Alyx or Layers of Fear 2.

Todd is excited to share his opinion about this anti-hero on Twitter, and has talked a lot about what Venom will be like in the Spider-Man game... and it's not the first time he's talked about more on Twitter.

If Spider-Man 2 is released in September, it will compete with Starfield, the largest Microsoft and Xbox exclusive this year (and its biggest release since Halo Infinite).

Since Spider-Man is currently Sony's best-selling story, it will probably be Sony's biggest asset to sell PS5 next Christmas, since they have sold more than 33 million copies between the two titles.

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