The top 10 smartphone apps that consume the most battery

The top 10 smartphone apps that consume the most battery ...

pCloud, a research organization, has conducted a study that aims to answer a very pertinent question of those who use their phones on a daily basis: the applications that consume the most power on our electronic devices.

This was the objective of a research conducted by this organization in the United States. For this, 100 of the most popular applications on the market were assessed, determining which ones are currently requiring the most energy.

The ten apps that consume the most energy on your phone

FitbitUberSkypeFacebookAirbnbInstagramTinderBumbleSnapchatWhatsAppCredits: pCloud

We may conclude that some of the most energy-intensive applications are also the ones we use the most frequently. Especially social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

If you are attempting to increase the battery life of your smartphone, it may be necessary to eliminate some of the applications you use most frequently. A personal benefit assessment will be undertaken by each user.

pCloud experts relied on three pillars to evaluate the findings: user resources for each application (location or camera), battery consumption, and provision of a dark mode.

We can see the Fitbit application leading the way in terms of functionality, followed by the Uber, Skype, and Facebook applications. It is important to note that the original table contemplated some North American services, but it was ignored in this article because it was too broad in scope.

The energy consumption picture is dominated by social networks.

Social networks are the dominant category in this table. According to pCloud, these are the most energy-intensive, therefore, ones to remove first from your device.

These phones have 11 additional features in the background. Among them are features like photos, wifi, location, and even your phone's microphone.

Dating apps are also among the most avid users of your phone's power. This category represents about 15% of the table created by the source, with a set of needs similar to traditional social networks, in addition to not offering a dark mode.

Experts at pCloud suggest that users consider which applications they need. Removing some of the ones mentioned here can enhance your phone's autonomy and prevent you from spending so much time holding the socket.

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