These New Features Are Included in iOS 16.4's Release Candidate

These New Features Are Included in iOS 16.4's Release Candidate ...

Apple is currently testing iOS 16.4 before it is expected to be released later this month. Apple has traditionally left new features unchecked during the beta testing cycle, and today's iOS 16.4 Release Candidate is no exception.

Isolation by Cellular Call Voice

According to Apple's release notes today, iOS 16.4 release candidate includes voice isolation for mobile calls. The feature is designed to significantly improve microphone quality on cellular calls by reducing background noise.

Apple claims that Voice Isolation "prioritizes your voice and eliminates ambient noise around you," enhancing the clarity of your phone calls, enabling you to better hear the person you're talking with and vice versa.

Since the release of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey or later, Voice Isolation has been available for VoIP calls on several apps, including FaceTime, WhatsApp, and other services. This is the first time the feature has been implemented for cellular phone conversations.

The Voice Isolation feature is enabled while on a FaceTime call by activating Control Center, tapping on the Mic Mode icon, and selecting the Voice Isolation option. It's likely that the feature will be activated in a similar manner during a voice call.

The iCloud Shared Library now supports duplicate images detection.

The iOS 16.4 RC update adds support for detecting duplicate images in the iCloud Shared Photo Library.

Apple has added a duplicate detection feature to the Photos app in iOS 16. When the app detects duplicate images, the Photos app will display a "Duplicates" folder in the "Utilities" album section. Users may combine all of their duplicate images in this section.

Apple claims that after installing iOS 16.4, users can detect duplicate photos and videos in their iCloud Shared Photo Library, thus reducing storage expenses.

References to the New AirPods and AirPods Case

The iOS 16.4 release candidate suggests that a new AirPods might be in the near future. According to a user @aaronp613, the beta includes references to AirPods with a model number of A3048 and an AirPods case with a model number of A2968.

It should be noted that there have been no reports of new AirPods in the works, and that Apple last updated the wireless headphones in 2021, thus it is a bit premature to anticipate an updated model.

The mention may suggest a minor upgrade, such as USB-C charging for the charging case. (Apple must begin converting its Lightning connector-based devices and accessories to USB-C to comply with new regulations in the European Union.

Release Notes for iOS 16.4 RC

The full release notes for the new app are here:

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