Carol Timmons: Who Was She and How Did She Die?

Carol Timmons: Who Was She and How Did She Die? ...

'9/11: The Fifth Plane' chronicles the tragic September 11, 2001 events and how she died.

Carol Timmons, Who Was She?

Carol Timmons, a native of New Castle, Delaware, began flying at the age of five. After graduation, her parents encouraged her to pursue her dreams. In 1980, she was admitted to the Army National Guard, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Management.

Carol was assigned as a co-pilot on United Airlines Flight 23 when an announcement was made that every flight would be canceled.

After Flight 23 was cleared of all passengers, officials discovered Al-Qaeda documents and box cutters in the carry-on luggage of three Arabs spotted exiting the plane.

Carol was a pilot for several commercial airlines in 2004. These remarkable accomplishments resulted in her being inducted into the Delaware Women's Hall of Fame in 2007 and, in the following year, received a Bronze Star for leading a combat deployment mission in Afghanistan.

Carol Timmons' Death: What Happened?

Carol Timmons was appointed Adjutant General for the Delaware National Guard in 2017. During her time at Pan Am, she also flew internationally for United Airlines. Eventually, she decided to retire from the lifestyle she had grown familiar with.

Carol was a joy to spend time with her wife, Lynn, and desired to live a peaceful existence in her Delaware home. However, the country received news on August 2, 2020, that she passed away at the age of 62.

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