Genshin Impact's Adult Dory and Scaramuccia: photo

Genshin Impact's Adult Dory and Scaramuccia: photo ...

Scaramucci's adult version came to fruition.

Almost all of the Genshin Impact characters are centuries old, but some of the characters aren't interested in looking like children. The AHSCH redditor has a hobby: from time to time he takes a character with a childish appearance and wonders what an adult version of the hero might be.

Dory, Scaramuccia, and Diona were aged by a fan artist. AHSCH always tried to keep the costumes as they were: for example, the adult Dione received roughly the same panties as her child version.

Other Genshin Impact followers are doing the same "operations." In the two years since the game's release, the artists have aged most of the children, but here you can see the most interesting works.

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