All of this is NOT allowed in the beta of Diablo 4

All of this is NOT allowed in the beta of Diablo 4 ...

The first beta weekend of Diablo 4 was over. And it brought a lot of knowledge. Probably the most important thing we all noticed when we logged in on Friday evening: Blizzard's servers crashed as if a horde of barbarians had attacked us. (Although... that's still true).

08:34Diablo 4 | The Beta isn't quite finished - These features will only be available in the final game.

In the beta, there was no mount.

Among the five zones is the one that is the most recognizable.

The Diablo 4 beta consists of five zones, each with its own look, matching enemies, and even different armor designs for your loot. Nevertheless, you are limited to the frigid mountainous area of Shattered Peaks, which is only accessible during the prologue and the first act.

There is no PvP.

In the beta version, player vs. player battles are also not included. In the final game there will be special areas called Fields of Hatred, which are the only places where you may attack other players. In PvP, you can earn cosmetic rewards, but they aren't essential gameplay benefits.

Two difficulty levels are available, one for beginners and the other for intermediates.

The third level, called "Nightmare," will give you more gold and XP. Champion auras also unlock new Endgame events, such as Infernal Tides.

A Diverse Paragon System

The two taster weekends allow you to play your heroes up to level 25, which is quite adequate. Despite the level limit, you may also try out a lot of new items with special modifiers, as well as basic builds (Blizzard apparently increased the likelihood of getting them for the beta), but what is still completely missing is the brand new Paragon system, which allows your heroes to level up another 50, which may be beneficial for you.

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