In a short amount of time, huge games have been created

In a short amount of time, huge games have been created ...

COLUMN | In the ancient world of Pong, Space Invaders, or Tetris, a few enthusiasts were typically enough to make a game. Today, you need a network of tens of thousands of specialists, often scattered around the world, to be able to create large, realistic worlds.

Often, a well-thought-out organization of work, a solid technological foundation, or simply exceptional development skills are all that are required. Here are some big and powerful productions that were completed in an extremely short period, by industry standards.

Vice City in Grand Theft Auto (9 months)

Vice City was the first 3D GTA game I ever played. Earlier, I only saw the isometric first part on my friend's computer, which was already a technologically backward title for the premiere. My amazement became even greater when I jumped straight from the unattractive "one" to the sunny, energetic Miam... i.e. Vice City. At the time, the title felt like an interactive movie.

Vice City, an atmospheric city, is still one of the most popular locations in the GTA universe today.

Vice City made a significant improvement to the game, among other things including the option of buying real estate.

Fallout 2 is a sequel to Fallout for the first nine months.

Fallout 2 may not be the latest release, and it certainly hasn't matured well, but it's still one of the most enjoyable and challenging RPGs of all time. Closing all the threads and completing side missions required the players to spend up to three times more time.

After years of being a huge fan of the series, it's tough to come back to the first two installments.

The studio that produced Planescape: Torment at the time was invited to assist. However, the game was released in a rather poor technical condition, with some unofficial patches that eventually resolved over a thousand bugs.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (12 months)

As we explore Renaissance Italy, this time in Rome, many fans of the series consider this to be one of the most successful installments of the series.

In Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PvP competition made its final appearance.

Making such a huge game, which included a completely different gameplay structure, required the involvement of teams from various parts of the world. The other four were located in Singapore, Bucharest, Quebec, and Annecy.

Kenzan! and Dead Souls!(May 8-12) You celebrated 1-4, Kenzan! and Dead Souls!

The series' distinctive atmosphere and gameplay in the West were largely unpopular in the West, although the series is immensely popular in Japan, where all parts take place. Recently, the situation has begun to improve, and Yakuza is starting to gain popularity outside of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Yakuza series has received many different approaches, but none of them were appropriate for me.

The first six parts of the Yakuza: Dead Souls series (the four main parts, the aforementioned prequel, and the spin-off Yakuza: Dead Souls) were produced over a period of five years, including between September 2006 and June 2011. The creators planned to produce at least one model in three days.

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