A PS5 exclusive title for Deviation Games is believed to include solo and co-op modes

A PS5 exclusive title for Deviation Games is believed to include solo and co-op modes ...

Deviation Games is working on a new PlayStation 5 triple-A brand, according to Derek Sunshine's resume. The unannounced project will include both solo and co-op modes.

As early as June 2021, we received the message that several "Call of Duty: Black Ops" veterans had gathered under the umbrella of the newly founded developer studio Deviation Games, and have been developing an exclusive triple-A brand for the PlayStation 5.

Deviation Games' PS5 exclusive project will be a role-playing game or an action role-playing game, although the CV of Derek Sunshine, who is the title's designer, raises new topics of discussion.

Sunshine states in his resume that he is working on a "triple-A project with solo and coop modes," and that his details are related to the PS5 title of the California studio.

The PS5 game was developed in collaboration with PlayStation Studios.

So much appears to be indicating that this is a cooperative action role-playing game that can be played alone or with friends. However, there are still no official details from the official side. So far, it has only been confirmed that Sony Interactive Entertainment will act as the publisher of the project and will provide active support in the form of PlayStation Studios.

The PS5 exclusive title's motion capture was recorded last summer and will take place at the PlayStation Visual Arts studio's offices. In the course of the corresponding announcement in the summer of 2022, it was also stated that the title was still in its early stages of development.

More information on the topic may be found here.

What all of this implies for a future unveiling period is debated. Deviation Games' executive team has failed to provide us with a follow-up on their PlayStation 5 project in recent months.

Derek Sunshine (LinkedIn) is a reliable source for information.

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