A new story trailer for Star Wars Jedi Survivor has been released

A new story trailer for Star Wars Jedi Survivor has been released ...

A brand new story trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Jedi Survivor has been released. Let's take a look at what's new in the upcoming action game.

A new trailer for Star Wars Jedi Survivor has just been released. This version gives us a sneak peek at what the next adventure will bring. Also, a fan favorite may be making an appearance.

Merrin, a Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Has Returned?

Merrin, a popular fan favorite, has made her presence known in the latest story trailer. We can now say that after the events of Fallen Order, Merrin has been sharpening her skills and is now very skilled due to her connection with the Force.

This Nightsister has appeared in a completely different outfit after joining Cal and the crew in the prequel. This is unusual for others of her kind, as they are well-known for their strange connection to the Force.

Merrin is the opposite of what she is attracted to in the new trailer. She appears just before the one minute mark as Cal prepares to defeat the Empire.

Although this does not confirm whether or not she will play a significant role in the sequel, it's still great news for her loyal following.

What else is there that is new?

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor depicts new environments, combat gameplay, and the characters who will accompany (and oppose us) during our journey. On that note, it also appears that we will be confronting more dangerous foes than the standard Stormtroopers.

The teaser includes some robes and an orange-bladed lightsaber, which might hint at the formerTemple Guardians returning.

Here's 9 minutes of gameplay from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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