Spider Man 2 may be a game that features some really cool technology

Spider Man 2 may be a game that features some really cool technology ...

Insomniac has announced that their next game might include "very cool" new dialogue technology. Here's what we know so far about this interesting addition.

Insomniac's recent livestream on Twitch provided some insight into the studio's lead engine programmer's thoughts. Elan Ruskin revealed that "there's some cool dialogue technology coming out in the next game."

Spider Man against Wolverine

The only issue is that Ruskin was referring to one game. This is because Insomniac currently has two games on the horizon — Marvel's Spider Man 2 and Marvel's Wolverine.

Regardless, our opinions would be influenced by Marvel's Spider Man 2. This sequel was first released in 2019 and is scheduled to be released in Fall 2023. In contrast, we have yet to receive any further information regarding the studio's Wolverine imagining. This may mean that the studio's "next game" would be Spider Man.

As previously mentioned, Marvel's Wolverine is still in the works, as a result of this, we can assume the game is still in the early stages of its development, although they are continuing to work on the Spider Man sequel. This can be confirmed after learning motion capture only began in April 2022.

What is the definition of "dialogue technology"?

Fans have made some guesses about what Ruskin's dialogue technology might entail for the studio. This may lead to more intuitive and realistic NPCs, as well as more detailed dialogue trees.

Whatever it is, it can be assumed that it will bring some life to the Spider Man sequel. Additionally, we will certainly receive more information over the next few months.

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