With the Ebii, an electric bicycle with Artificial Intelligence, Acer enters urban mobility

With the Ebii, an electric bicycle with Artificial Intelligence, Acer enters urban mobility ...

Acer is continuing to improve its offerings, going beyond desktop and laptop computers. This is illustrated by its introduction into the world of urban mobility, with an electric bicycle equipped with an Artificial Intelligence system. It is named ebii and it is specially designed for urban routes, and it is capable of learning the preferences of the rider as well as shifting gears depending on road conditions.

The assistant, named ebiiAssist, is the one who can "learn" the manner in which a person rides a bicycle. Based on pedaling power and road conditions, the feature can "learn" the person's style.

The bicycle has simple lines and a weight of about 16 kilos. It has a maximum assisted speed of 25 kilometers per hour and a range of 110 kilometers on a single charge. It can also be removed from the bike and used as a laptop or smartphone charger.

It has its own app ebiiGo, which allows you to view information about battery life, recommended routes, and speed checks. It is also used as a security system, since it allows you to lock and unlock the bike.

ebii automatically locks itself every time the phone with which it is linked exits its range, both in low light conditions and at night. It also includes LED lights under the control panel to improve its visibility.

Eco mode, which increases energy efficiency, boost mode, which increases speed, and My ebii Mode, which increases the speed of the bike, all of which are supported by a burglar alarm.

The Acer ebii has also included collision detection sensors, lights in each direction, an aluminum frame, an intelligent vehicle control panel, and airless wheels. Both bikes operate in an irregular manner due to having less friction on the wheels than they should.

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