Road Fighter II Eye Drops Are Available At Random

Road Fighter II Eye Drops Are Available At Random ...

Uncommon online game advertisements aren't unusual, although an increasing number of individuals see product placements and ads for different gadgets that use video video games. However an advertisement for Rohto eye drops in Japan has caught individuals' attention due to the whole industrial makes use of edited Road Fighter II footage! (Thanks for the tip, GreatSong1!

The corporate's Twitter campaign is in equal parts weird and spectacular. Each character faces off against each other in a bout, each getting their very own unique very cool cut-in in the course of.

It is certainly distinctive, however, thanks to Rohto, it is quite appropriate to put it together. And, if you're interested in seeing Luke, who is making his debut in Road Fighter V: Champion Version as the final new playable character for the sport, you'll likely spot a more moderator character just across the stage.

In addition to being a funny and well-put-together advertisement, this is a cool little nod to Road Fighter's future.

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