With the DALL-E model, Bing Chat AI has a feature to create images

With the DALL-E model, Bing Chat AI has a feature to create images ...

Microsoft is adding a new feature to its Bing Chat to make images with artificial intelligence. The new image creator uses the OpenAI DALL-E model, which allows you to make virtually any image by describing to the chatbot what you want to achieve.

The Bing Image Creator will be available through the Chat experience. However, initially, it will only be available in the "Creative" style mode. In the future, the company intends to make the feature available in the "Balanced" and "Precise" modes.

Bing's ChatGPT integration currently has three response tones (or modes), including "creative," "balanced," and "precise."

The "Balanced" mode allows the Bing AI chatbot to respond more neutrally, meaning it will not take sides on a particular issue. However, changing the tone (style) to "creative" may result in less accurate answers. The "Precise" mode is the option that provides the most accurate response with more facts.

To use the DALL-E model, Yusuf Mehdi at Microsoft requires only to describe the image, provide additional contexts such as location and activity, and select the art style for Bing.

The feature is now available on both the web and the Microsoft Edge browser. You will notice a new icon to access the Bing Image Creator to generate images with AI.

From the Chat page, you may request the chatbot to create an image. However, if you aren't familiar with the new Bing experience, you can access the image creator at bing.com/create. You can also get early access to the Bing chatbot with these instructions.

Microsoft intends to extend the text-to-image capability via artificial intelligence in the future.

Although this new feature may alleviate the pain of generating bad pictures, the company claims that it has built safeguards into the Image Creator to prevent misuse.

The feature is now available, but it might take a while to get widespread.

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