The beta version of Crash Team Rumble is now available

The beta version of Crash Team Rumble is now available ...

Crash Team Rumble is an all-new twist on the Crash strategy, putting players into epic 4v4 competitions where each team aims to collect and bank more Wumpa fruit than the other. There's a lot to unpack and experiment with in Crash Team Rumble.

Characters of the scorer

Score Wumpa! Scorers like Crash are quick-thinking heroes who can easily traverse the map, collecting Wumpa fruits and relics to assist their team. So protecting your Scorers will be crucial to your victory!

Characters who are 'blockers'

The greatest offense is a solid defense. Blockers excel at defeating opponents or defending your team's Wumpa Bank. They are extremely powerful combat characters who can easily defeat many opponents at the same time and maintain their standard of excellence.

Booster characters are used in Booster games.

Boosters are specialists who aim to capture the various gem pads scattered around the map to increase their team's score. By controlling a cluster of gem pads, you increase the amount of points scored for each Wumpa fruit delivered to your Wumpa Bank, enabling them to reverse the tides in a flash.

Lou Studdert, Toys For Bob's associate creative director, spoke with us about how each role affects the game.

What role do you prefer to play in life?

Lou Studdert: While each role brings something new to the table, Scorer characters tend to be our first choice. They're versatile, and give you the tools to play the way you want, whether it's collecting Wumpa or pestering the other team.

Is there a particularly difficult role to play in the game?

Blockers can be tricky to spot in new players. Rely on your teammates to help you out! Don't be afraid to return to fight another day when you can.

Do you continue to play the same role every time, or do you modify your strategy?

Boosters are usually preferred by us, but it all depends on our mood! Sometimes you want to wreak havoc with Dingodile, or drop some pianos with Cortex, so there's always the possibility to try a different playstyle between matches.

Do you have any tips for participating in the open beta on April 20-24?

Be sure to try out the abilities and characters offered in the beta! Any power can be matched to a hero, so there's a lot of room for exploration to see which play style suits you the best. It's important to note that this is only a small taste of what's available.

What characters are you most looking forward to seeing in the closed beta? The PS4 and PS5 versions of Crash Team Rumble are available now for pre-order.

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