Miasma Chronicles, a tactical RPG, will be released on PS5 on May 23

Miasma Chronicles, a tactical RPG, will be released on PS5 on May 23 ...

Hey everyone, James, I'm here to announce that our next game, Miasma Chronicles, will be released on PlayStation 5, on May 23 – yes, that soon!

Let me set the scene for those of you who don't know much about the Miasma Chronicles: Elvis and Diggs are on a journey of discovery through a New-America which has been destroyed by a nasty force known only as the 'Miasma.'

What is the Miasma Chronicles?

The Miasma Chronicles is set in the near future, shortly after an environmental renaissance which is expected to address the growing ecological problems. Companies were quick to capitalize on these issues because being environmentally friendly was just seen as "good business."

One man devised a strategy, resulting in a period of harmony between humans and nature, known as the Miasma. Since then, the world has changed, and a new danger has arisen, and a new force of nature has emerged.

People developed the ability to coexist with the Miasma over the years, but the virus is now more enraged, causing death and destruction. Can the virus be destroyed? Can it be managed?

The First Family has been ruled by exploitation and fear over this post-apocalyptic New-America. Small towns and cities exploit resources to help fund their'mission' to eradicate the Miasma and fill their pockets.

Ok, what about the gameplay?

Miasma Chronicles was conceived as an alteration of PS1 role-playing games (Xenogears, Final Fantasy, etc.) This is the genre of games we like to play – and love to create.

While playing through the complex narrative, you will also encounter strange and wonderful characters.

Elvis and Diggs are two unlikely brothers who met while Elvis was young, leaving a broken heart, a metal glove, and a message to locate her. Along the way, the brothers will travel across America, meeting new acquaintances and foes with their own intentions.

Tell us more about combat!

Miasma Chronicles is a tactical turn-based game, an evolution of a proven method used in The Bearded Ladies' games.

The Miasma Chronicles' enemies can be tough, and you will need to use all your tact and tact during confrontations.

Ambushing is a great way to gain control of your team in real time, looking for the best cover and environmental advantages. Isolate and eliminate the most dangerous enemies first, which might allow your team to win the battle.

Another strategy to gain advantage on the battlefield is to utilize stealth; look for perfect ambush positions, scope out the opponents, and silently pick them off to turn the numbers in your favor.

We wanted to make playing easier for newcomers to the game, but without sacrificing the powerful tactical features that players enjoy. Thus, we created two strategies to play.

Light Tactical – This is intended to be an introduction to tactical games, as the emphasis on RNG (the classic hit chance) is reduced, and more under the hood things are changed to give players a more approachable tactical experience.

Full Tactical – This is the ultimate RNG tactical experience that experienced players will fall in love with. You may find that Critical Hit chance is handled differently than other tactical games – we encourage you to boost your score by manipulating weapons, tactical positioning, upgrades, and other things.

Let's talk about those Guns! Guns!Guns!

The Bouncer, which bounces a bullet around the map, is 21 guns with varying powers and abilities, each of which is fully upgradeable with scopes and attachments.

We also have Miasma powers, which allow anyone to wield a glove to obtain magical abilities. Miasma powers are overpowered, so they can turn the tide of battle in your favor at the touch of a finger.

We can't wait for you to get to experience all of this and more. Regardless of how you choose to play Miasma Chronicles, you'll be immersed within a world and narrative you've yet to experience.

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