Trinity Fusion, an action-roguelite platformer, has been released for PS4 and PS5

Trinity Fusion, an action-roguelite platformer, has been released for PS4 and PS5 ...

My name is Craig, I'm one of the designers at Angry Mob Games, and I'd like to introduce you to our latest project.

Trinity Fusion is a sci-fi action rogue-lite where the only way to save the Multiverse is to end it. We've been working on the game's PlayStation debut, and we're very excited to announce that it will be released on PS4 and PS5.

Trinity Fusion is a 2.5D action rogue-lite set in a doomed, man-made multiverse. Maya is a woman who is psychically connected to her three opposite selves.

Your role is to guide a plan to reconnect them, reuniting each of their fragmented worlds into a one-man-agreed whole.

Trinity Fusion is all about great-feeling combat. It's a dance of slashes and dodges punctuated with satisfying special moves. We're using everything we learned from building Brawlout as a fighting game and making it a pure PvE experience.

Each of your alternate selves has their own set of unique abilities and weapons to assist them in surviving their worlds. This allows you to use all of your combined selves' abilities and weapons at the same time.

What happened to the multiverse that led to such a terrible situation? Who are these people and machines that oppose you? Gain insight into the multiverse's backstory by speaking with the diverse cast of characters in Trinity Fusion's main world.

Ada Hoffmann, an award-winning poet and sci-fi novelist, has created these rich characters and lore in collaboration with us. We are huge fans of The Outside, The Fallen, and The Infinite.

As you progress through the story, you'll unlock new starting points throughout the multiverse. We want players to be able to complete the story without having to give up. Even if you don't achieve story progress on a particular run, you'll often find currencies that you can spend on permanent upgrades each time you return to the Citadel.

We're thrilled to announce that The Elder Scrolls: The Lost Legacy will be released in the United Kingdom in 2023. Keep an eye on our website for more information as we get closer to release.

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