Exoprimal hands-on: Fight swarms of dinosaurs with your pals

Exoprimal hands-on: Fight swarms of dinosaurs with your pals ...

Climate change turned out to be quite different from what everyone expected in Exoprimal's futurescape. Instead of rising oceans and heat waves, humanity deals with torrential downpours of hungry, flesh-rending dinosaurs. That's all you need to get your jackets.

Gamers gathered for an open beta test of Exoprimal to get a taste of the game's unique team PvE gameplay.

Dino Survival

Dino Survival, an online multiplayer wargame that will be released in July, is first introduced by Leviathan, an advanced AI who is expected to develop future combat games. But that's easier said than done when faced with an array of crazed giant reptiles from another dimension.

Finding the ideal exosuit

The beta provided access to the entire collection of exosuits that come in the following categories, since cooperation and coordination are critical.

Assault (Deadeye, Zephyr, Vigilant): Attack-focused suits designed to devastate reptiles against long-range and melee attacks. Tank (Roadblock, Krieger, Murasame): Heavily armored units that can deal significant damage, but also provide tactical boosts to allies.

The Witchdoctor, a helper/attacker hybrid-on-wheels Nimbus, is quite different from the other suits. Both can send healing waves to their allies at a safe distance, as well as curse a horde of foes with status ailments. (Until the winged dinos show up.)

The Murasame is a fast suit with a melee-focused skillset, which is well-known among beta players for its ability to leap into a pack of dinosaurs and slay them so swiftly.

Each of these exosuits is filled with character—quite literally, as the suits themselves speak with unique voices and offer their own opinions throughout the battle. And, what's great about this is that you may change suits mid-battle, ensuring that your team always has access to crucial roles.

A match's progression will be shown in this video.

Leviathan summarizes the five PvE-focused tasks, culminating in a more direct PvP confrontation. The PvE tasks were straightforward to understand: cull a bunch of dinosaurs, protect a target or NPC for a set period of time, and take out a huge and nasty dinosaur. At the end of each task, Leviathan warns you if you're ahead or behind the other team.

All of these tasks have one thing in common: eliminating a lot of dinosaurs. Depending on the goal you are attempting to defeat or getting up close and personal with a stegosaur, the wrong approach can result in your being annihilated by a dino-swarm or utterly subdued by a triceratops.

Leviathan isn't content with this level of madness. He's a jerk, and he'll throw things away on a whim, such as interdimensional traveler's modified Neosaur turrets, floating platforms, or barriers you can place at will. Or, if you're really feeling generous, you might get a Dominator item spawn that temporarily allows you to command your own massive, angry dinosaur and cause severe damage to the opposing team via

The last obstacle is

Each session's final PvP challenges varied, but they're where the tide of combat can be turned in a most dramatic fashion.

Both teams must guard a huge, powerful data key as dinosaurs and the other team attempts to destroy it. Omega Charge: One player is responsible for picking up and protecting a massive hammer, while the other is responsible for charging with energy from dead dinosaurs to destroy a target.

The Exoprimal beta serves as a preview of what may happen on July 14 and the threat of a mass extinction. Stay tuned for future Exoprimal dinostorm predictions leading up to its release.

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