Preston Lee Jr., who is still alive and well in the murder of Ingrid Davis?

Preston Lee Jr., who is still alive and well in the murder of Ingrid Davis? ...

The 'Homicide Hunter: Lt Joe Kenda: The Cage' from Investigation Discovery chronicles the bizarre events surrounding the death of Ingrid Davis in Colorado Springs in June 1982. The missing murder weapon proved to be a critical piece of the puzzle that would eventually help investigate the crime. We've got your back. Let's dive into the details now.

What Was the Death of Ingrid Davis?

Prince Lee, 19, his elder brother, Preston III, and their mother, Shin Su, went to the southern Owen Circle house of their father, Preston Lee Jr., 48, who had not heard from him for several days and were concerned. At the time, Preston worked for the postal service and lived alone after marrying Shin Su.

Ingrid Davis, Preston's girlfriend, was working part-time at a Colorado Springs fitness club. She did not live at the house, although she visited the area often. Prince's older brother, Preston III, tried calling the bell and knocking, but there was no response. When the elder son entered the house through the back door, he was shocked to discover the bodies of his father, Preston Jr., and his girlfriend, Ingrid.

Ingrid was shot in the face and Preston was found on the bed with a wound to his head. EMTs were surprised to discover the injured man was still alive. Preston was taken to the nearest hospital, where an autopsy examination performed. The bullet went straight to the brain, and Ingrid died instantly. The murder weapon was a.38 rifle.

Ingrid Davis was killed by who?

Since lovers were involved, the investigators initially assumed the case would be a murder-suicide. There were signs of physical abuse with the phone receiver lying around and things were knocked off the nightstand. Three newspapers were discovered near the entrance, indicating that Ingrid and Preston may have been there for at least three days. They also discovered a couple of love birds dead in their cage in the kitchen.

Preston was found to be in serious condition and was unfit for the cops to interview him since he was 42. The officers were surprised to discover Ingrid was married to Daryl Davis, then 42, and had children while he was in a relationship with Preston. They asked him to reveal that he knew about the affair.

According to the program, Daryl and Ingrid decided not to divorce. She aided him in raising the children and other household chores, and in return, she went out whenever and with whom she desired. According to the officers, Ingrid went out on June 3, dressed in a white shirt, a denim jacket, and red heels, as she was discovered dead.

Preston III, Preston's elder son, was also suspected of Ingrid's killing and the attempted murder of his father, according to a neighbor. Even after discovering his father in that state, the officers interrogated Preston III because they suspected he might be enraged by his father's departure from his family and entering a new relationship. On June 3, he went to the Pikes Peak Community College.

Ruth French, an Air Force NCO Club worker, contacted Preston and revealed a shocking fact. He urged her to marry Ingrid after she divorced her husband. During one such argument at Ingrid's place, Preston allegedly became increasingly aggressive.

The coroner discovered a 2-inch.38-caliber rifle beside Ruth's body at the morgue. The bullet hole was found behind a picture frame at Ingrid's house.

What happened to Preston Lee Jr.?

Preston Lee Jr. was discovered carrying a murder weapon and fought with the authorities until he recovered. He was denied consenting to the charges and was permitted to plead guilty to manslaughter.

Preston was sentenced to four years in jail, according to the program, having sustained a severe brain injury and long-term physical problems, including epilepsy and motor skill difficulties. He was severely incapacitated due to the wounds to his head, and he would be sentenced to a hospital if he was still alive.

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