Customers of Cloudflare are entitled to free post-quantum encryption

Customers of Cloudflare are entitled to free post-quantum encryption ...

Cloudflare, an American company that provides CDN services, has announced that all of its customers would be able to use post-quantum cryptography tools for free to protect against future dangers to websites, APIs, cloud services, and remote workers.

Quantum computers will become sufficiently advanced and productive to decrypt data protected by modern algorithms in the future, according to experts. In such a situation, post-quantum cryptography should come to the rescue, based on encryption techniques that are resistant to quantum computers. is the source of the image.

Cloudflare has discovered that some businesses are willing to charge high rates for post-quantum encryption services. This will limit the accessibility to such services for both business customers and non-profit organizations.

Cloudflare states, "privacy should be a human right, and post-quantum security should be the new foundation for the internet, not a business' operating expense." "We're pledging to provide cutting-edge cryptography to businesses," as well as non-profits and users.

Cloudflare has been assisting with the development of post-quantum cryptography standards since 2018, and has made them available as a beta version for interested customers since 2022.

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