An Interview Special for PlayStation 5 is taking place: Vera Mann, Central and Eastern Europe's marketing director

An Interview Special for PlayStation 5 is taking place: Vera Mann, Central and Eastern Europe's mark ...

So far, Sony has sold more than 32 million PS5 consoles throughout the world. The coming months should give the industry a fresh start.

Sony Interactive Entertainment's Marketing Director is Vera Mann.

Is there finally enough PS5 for everyone?

Vera Mann: I'm glad you asked this question and went straight into it, because that's also the reason why we want to rededicate the PS5 at the moment. We can now offer the wonderful news that the PS5 will be available throughout the world, including in Switzerland. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to revisit the console itself, as well as what is yet to come.

PlayStation 5 is now available for download.

So, will there be no more bottlenecks?

Man: Yes, I'm very confident that anyone who wants to enter the PS5 world will do so. We will continue to stock the stationary trade as well as the online trade in the next few days and weeks, so that consumers have the freedom to choose to get a console from a trusted dealer.

Let's take a look at the price hike that occurred about half a year ago. Will it be phased out or will it be preserved for the time being?

Man: At the moment, there is no announcement to be made. We are extremely satisfied with the demand and how it is currently developing. The PS5 is still very popular and is now available in stores throughout the world. We therefore have no need to change anything.

What are the sales statistics doing in the current year?

Mann: At the start of February, we were able to announce that we had sold more than 32 million units internationally. However, you can be assured that there will be a lot more to be accomplished in the coming weeks and months, as there are no longer any bottlenecks.

You always paid attention to the controller from the start. With the DualSense Edge, there is a new version. What makes the controller so important to you?

Man: The new controller increases what's available to our players by offering a tremendous amount of customization for everything from the sticks to adaptive triggers. There is a whole menu on the console where you can customize your personal controller for each of your games and customize it to your own playstyle.

Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller (Sony)

Sony has made some remarkable games based on storylines, such as when you leave "Gran Turismo" out. What else can we anticipate in the future in this direction?

Mann: We are extremely strong with story-based games because we also have studios that are exceptional in this field. In the fall, Forza Games will launch "Marvel Spider.Man 2," a title we all have been looking forward to. Nevertheless, we always have a wide selection of games from other companies that specialize in multiplayer or sports, and we will continue to strive to accomplish this in 2023.

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