Rare is aiming for a ten-year commitment to Sea of Thieves

Rare is aiming for a ten-year commitment to Sea of Thieves ...

Sea of Thieves has emerged as the focus of an exponential expansion that has enlisted the attention of over 25 million people. However, the quest is expected to continue for a long time.

Microsoft revealed that the Rare team recently discussed the game's next five years in an article that appeared on Xbox Wire this month. The game's fifth anniversary is just this month.

"I'm sure we'll still have something we haven't finished when we get there," said creative director Mike Chapman.

The Sea of Thieves team is apparently working on new smuggling strategies, rewards for protecting other players from malicious actors, and a tool for "painting" screenshots. This broad vision makes the team feel like they'll never run out of ideas, as long as the users themselves are willing to experiment.

Sea of Thieves is now a richer and more multifaceted experience that has continued to add new content regularly. First of all, it is a book about Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Today, the title is getting its own Season 9 in anticipation of the next project that Rare is already working on.

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