Where can I find a poisonous tentacle?

Where can I find a poisonous tentacle? ...

Professor Chesnoke's Challenge 1 in Hogwarts Legacy is a side quest in which you learn the Wingardium Leviosa enchantment and practice the battle mandrake and deadly tentacula.

We will explain all the ways to obtain poisonous tentacula and mandrake while completing Professor Chesnoke's Task 1 in Hogwarts Legacy.

Professor Chesnoke's Task 1: How to Begin

The quest will automatically be included to the journal if you fulfill the following requirements:

Complete the story mission "In the shadows of the crypt" on level 16.

The sideline consists of two distinct tasks, which we will discuss further later.

Professor Chesnoke Quest 1 in Hogwarts Legacy is now available.

There is one place in the open world where you can get a tentacula – these are Hogwarts' greenhouses. According to observations, they will grow again after a while.

Visit Timophylls and Toadstools in Hogsmeade and get a Poison Tentacula for 600 galleons (quantity limited).

Poison Tentacula will be offered for the same price by other vendors:

Clifford Cromwell, Maroonwim Village, Lake Maroonwim Region. Arne, Hogwarts Valley. A trader who begins through the quest "The Stolen Cart" (Lower Hogsfield). Priya Treadwell, itinerant. Leopold Babcock, wandering.

On the map, all merchants' addresses are shown.

To commercially grow a tentacula in the Help Room for 1,050 Galleons, purchase it poison tentacle seeds at Timophylls and Toadstools in Hogsmeade, having previously purchased its recipe from the "Tomes and Scrolls" store and placed it in the interior using the Witchcraft Spell. The standard growing time is 15 minutes.

Find any adversary in the open world, visit the grave of spies or the hideout of hostile beasts, and join them in battle. What to do next:

Hold down the button Tab to open the circular menu of extra items (potions, war plants, mounts, brooms). Select the Poison Tentacula from the Radial Menu and release the Tab. This will reset it to the active position in combat.

A massive plant will spawn that will destroy nearby animals.

Three mandrakes may be plucked from a ruined house on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest (see map screenshot).

Beatrice Green of Timophylls and Toadstools in Hogsmeade offers a mandrake for a price of 500 gallons a piece. The quantity is small.

Mandragora is found in the ranks of many merchants in the game:

Maroonwim, in the Lake Maroonwim area, is unlocked in the side quest The Stolen Cart (Lower Hogsfield). Priya Treadwell, itinerant. Leopold Babcock, wandering.

Mandrake seeds are available at Timophylls and Toadstools stores, and you can grow them in any pot in the Rescue Room in ten minutes.

Enter into an encounter with a group of enemies by holding Tabradial menu, selecting mandrake, and releasing Tab. In combat, make a quick press Tabbeing close to two or more enemiesto hurt them with the cry of the mandrake. Another technique is to get close to a group of enemies using the Desilumination Spell and stun them with a mandrake.

Return to hogwarts' greenhouses and chat with Professor Chesnoke once both tasks have been completed. If the professor's office is empty, then turn on the world map and call the menu for changing the time of day by pressing the F button.

Wingardium Leviosa will be taught the spells by Professor Chesnoke, and the quest will be completed.


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