How to Continue Exploring Hemenu Temple in Genshin Impact []

How to Continue Exploring Hemenu Temple in Genshin Impact [] ...

The Traveler explores Hemenu's ancient temple in Genshin Impact, the world quest step from the "Golden Dreamland" questline. He will have to solve several puzzles while exploring the ruins.

Continue exploring the Temple of Hemenu: how to locate the Primordial Sparks behind two doors and open a passage to the ancient ruins

Continue exploring Hemenu Temple in Genshin Impact.

Take your group to the northwest of Sobek's Oasis and go to the marked point. Walk forward to the locked door. A small stage will begin, and the mechanical assistant Benben will open the next hall. Come inside.

Follow the road straight until you reach a locked gate, next to Jeht and Benben. You need to light two Primordial torches with the help of special sparks in other rooms.

Turn left from the locked entrance and go inside. Go down the steep steps until you arrive at the hall.

To activate the first spark, deal with the Primordial Construct. Unlock it and run after it.

Along the way, she will stand on another pedestal, and you will have to interact with her again in order to continue on. Place the particle next to the scientist Tirzad's torch.

Go down the stairs and enter the northern room, which is just to the right of the main entrance. Open the gate with the key located nearby.

The Primordial Luminary will appear to the right of the entrance to the hall. Remove it and take it to the next position in the room. After a successful activation, a pedestal with a second spark will appear in place of the replicator stone. Unlock it and take it upstairs.

Along the way there will be a second pedestal, this time interaction with the particle so that she may fly further. Follow her to the remaining torch. When the main gate is lit, the main entrance will open.

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