Xiaomi has a cheaper Thermomix, but it's even more powerful!

Xiaomi has a cheaper Thermomix, but it's even more powerful! ...

Thermomix is a clear winner in Portugal. After all, even the most inexperienced cook on the planet (like me) knows that we are talking about a kitchen robot that is capable of doing everything, or almost everything. Despite its price, which has steadily and simply increased over the years, it has never been a major obstacle to the company's sales in this tiny country on the sea's plateau.

The Bimby isn't the only kitchen robot out there. After all, it also has the Xiaomi brand as its competitor!

Therefore, we are talking about the Xiaomi MIJIA Cooking Robot, a kitchen robot that is ready to assist you with any and all dishes. A robot that, if you didn't know, can already be purchased in Portugal, at a more attractive price, if you want to compare it to the most well-known Thermomix.

The Xiaomi MIJIA Cooking Robot has a capacity of 2.2L, capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 180oC, as well as a 12,000 rpm motor.

This Xiaomi kitchen robot has a more modern and attractive interface for more enthusiastic users, as well as the famous Artificial Intelligence feature, which allows you to sample the finest dishes. There is also a lot of support offered by the 8" screen, which never ends.

What do you think of it? Do you trust Xiaomi for your cooking?

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