A new Intel Xeon Granite Rapids with twice the standard TDP are on the way

A new Intel Xeon Granite Rapids with twice the standard TDP are on the way ...

Overclockers eagerly began testing their overclocking abilities when an Intel Xeon W9-3495X processor was released relatively recently. The Intel Sapphire Rapids platform's performance potential is astounding. So is power consumption.

Elmor overclocker can overclock the Xeon W9-3495X CPU to 5.5 GHz on all 56 cores using the ASUS W790E-SAGE SE motherboard, G.SKILL Zeta R5 DDR5 memory, and liquid nitrogen.

The Xeon W9-3495X processor consumes 1881 watts of power under load. The system was powered by two 1600 watt Superflower Leadex PSUs, and its CPU was cooled down to around 95°C under load. Elmore set a world record of 132,220 points in Cinebench R23, just a few hundred points behind his own world record of 132,484 points.

Granite Rapids, Avenue City, and Sierra Forest are all on the rise.

While overclockers are urging processors to consume more power than I need to heat my apartment in the winter, new information has surfaced about the future development of Intel Granite Rapids, a line of chips called Avenue City, on which the Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest processors will be built.

The Xeon line is divided into two sections: performance and energy efficiency. Intel offers an OEM reference platform, a 20-layer dual-processor PCB, that demonstrates the basic server layout for future Xeons.

Granite Rapids will support up to 128 cores (256 threads), according to unconfirmed estimates.

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