Chrome for Android includes a new privacy feature

Chrome for Android includes a new privacy feature ...

Google Chrome for Android has released its most recent privacy feature. It is important in this day and age. All because it allows users to delete the last 15 minutes of their history in a snap.

Chrome for Android includes a new privacy feature.

Remember that although this functionality is useful for the Chrome world, it is not the first thing to add it to the Google Android app earlier this year, which enabled users to delete search and account activity at the touch of a button. However, the button guarantees greater convenience since it allows for the last 15 minutes of activity to be turned off without having to go through several settings.

9to5Google has partnered with Fonte.

Although not all users need this feature, it's nice to see Google extends its privacy offerings to users. People who want to keep their information hidden will use Chrome's Incognito Mode or upgrade to a browser that guarantees even more privacy. However, everything that enhances our security is always appreciated.

As confirmed by the 9to5Google website, some versions of Chrome already include a "Delete last 15 minutes" option in chrome://flags. It removes browsing history, cookies, and cached files from the browser menu.

9to5Google is a company based in Fonte.

It is expected that this feature will be available on Chrome Canary, which is only limited to version 113. So it is still unclear when it will reach the general public. What is certain is that Google did an excellent job of maintaining our privacy.

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