The Lunar Eclipse's Scariest Ghosts in a Fatal Frame Mask

The Lunar Eclipse's Scariest Ghosts in a Fatal Frame Mask ...

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is a game that throws a lot of dangerous ghosts at you. Due to a mysterious illness known as Moonlight Syndrome, an entire island was riddled with ghosts of the dead. Some of these ghosts are just as terrifying as the rest.

Yuko Magaki

Yuko Magaki was a resident at the Rogetsu Hall mental health facility. His room is covered with paintings that he painted while he was alive. A huge one on a faceless woman's floor

What makes him particularly unnerving is his habit of always crawling around on the floor, swiping at your ankles. It's also unclear why he refuses to stand up, making him even more irritated.

Shoji Katagiri

Shoji Katagiri, who was first introduced at the Haibara Infirmary, was an assistant to the hospital's head doctor. He was highly skilled at experimentation, often involving medical headgear that appeared more like a torture device.

As if that weren't bad enough, his slugs often include him attempting to blind you and him launching screaming out of the wall directly behind you. Sometimes in succession.

Kyoko Kitazume is a Japanese film.

The majority of the ghosts in Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse are scary enough to be seen from the top. Kyoko Kitazume decides that's not enough. She will crawl unpleasantly along the ceiling until she gets close, before falling down like a bat to attack.

She is first introduced in the basement of the Infirmary, where an inaccessible room contains a hanging body. This is her body, thought to be part of a bizarre treatment. What purpose did this treatment serve? The game simply refuses to elaborate.


Ayako was always a problem while she was alive. Several photographs show her mutilating a bird with scissors and also dragging a nurse down a corridor by her hair.

Ayako does a great job of making you suffer, especially in her room, where doll parts hang from the ceiling in agony.

Kageri Sendo and "Me"

With some notable fights in Fatal Frame 2, Kageri Sendo pushes an adult-size mannequin around Rogetsu Hall, representing her dead sister.

The fights between the doll and you are particularly harrowing when she is distracted or accidentally backing into you. The doll will stab towards you with robotic movements, not responding to your shots.

Takahisa Kozuki is a Japanese language artist.

Takahisa Kozuki is little known. He appears without warning in a later chapter as an apprentice to Soya Yomotsuki, removing a charm from a mask, and the next minute he's behind you, charging you with one of his tools.

Despite his unpredictability, he's also frightening due to his unpredictable attacks. He charges while also teleporting from side to side, making him difficult to pin down.

Soya Yomotsuki is a Japanese fisherman.

The mask designer who was once Kozuki's master. He is the father of the protagonist Ruka Minazuki, giving the horror a personal touch. Due to Ruka's amnesia, he always appears wearing a grotesque mask rather than his actual face.

In the final chapters of the game, he has also fought many times. He is strong enough to withstand any challenge, often charging from behind, but in the cramped confines of a lighthouse, he becomes even more tense to deal with.

Vessel and Organs

Every Fatal Frame needs a horrifying ritual that resulted in everyone dying, and this time it's a ritual dance, one where a woman — the Vessel — dances while five children — the Organs — sing. All of these performers died in a mirror ceremony performed for tourists.

All six of them at once. The Organs will often attack in pairs, one of whom may even shoot you through the floor, while the Vessel will constantly dance and swoop at you while you are busy with the children.

Sakuya Haibara

Sakuya Haibara is the real Vessel in the failed ritual in Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, and her failure resulted in her Blossoming and destroying the majority of the island.

She is encountered many times throughout the game, and most of the time she is invincible. You can only run away. One sequence in the later parts of the game has her follow Ruka through a significant portion of the level she just walked through, which increases the tension of fighting her for real.

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is now available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox.

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