Apex Legends: A third studio joins the party The brand should be retained for tens of years, 15 years

Apex Legends: A third studio joins the party The brand should be retained for tens of years, 15 year ...

Maik Seidl | 03/20/2023 – 16:44

Apex Legends teams are getting help. A new studio has been established in Madison, run by a long-time veteran. And last but not least, the regular seasons should be supported there.

Apex Legends is a big hit for Respawn Entertainment. The game is regularly on the PSN charts, and thousands of players have been playing the free-to-play shooter on Steam over the past few months.

Respawn Entertainment wants to strengthen its support and investment in the franchise. A third studio will be directed by Ryan Burnett, who was previously director of engine development at Epic Games and worked for 14 years at Call of Duty developer Raven Software.

Franchises for 10, 15, and beyond

Burnett told Gamesindustry that the Wisconsin studio would work hand-in-hand with Respawn's Los Angeles and Vancouver offices to ensure the game's next season would be developed every 90 days.

Steven Ferreira, the director of Apex Legends, said: "We've been through a cycle of trial and error to create the Apex live service. We're going to get that opportunity to expand," and to try new things.

"We want to keep the team healthy," said Ferreira. "We believe in Apex as a franchise and that it will be around for 10, 15 years or more. We look forward to not just gamble and lose."

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"Apex Legends" is back for the 16th season in a row, called "Revelry." Instead, Respawn has introduced "overhauled" Legend classes. Added Team Deathmatch as a new limited time mode.

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