Malenia is visited often when it comes to Elden Ring's Anniversary Stats

Malenia is visited often when it comes to Elden Ring's Anniversary Stats ...

Elden Ring has been on the market since February 25, 2022, and, with over 20 million units sold, has enthralled a large number of players, among other things because the game remains fairly fair and accessible during the first 12 months after its release. Perhaps the most surprising statistic is that the first story boss Margit (The Cruel) managed to defeat the majority of players earlier in the game.

Malenia, who is actually only a candidate for the final stages of the game, is ranked number one with 329 million tries. Tree Warden from the starting area, Radagon of the Golden Order, and General Star Scourge Radahn, with the infographic on the linked Bandai Namco website incorrectly writing "Star Scourge."

PC games enthusiasts are also interested in the genre.

According to a producer's LinkedIn profile at FromSoftware, the studio is currently working on an unannounced project.

The Slingshot Spell is at the top, followed by the crystal surge, the shimmering stone pebbles, and the putrid breath. Brushes are apparently rare in the intermediate lands.

The Blessing of the Earth Tree is the most popular among the invocations, followed by the Bestial Snare. Rank 3 is taken by the Golden Oath, followed by the Raging Flame; the final place belongs to the invocation Bestial Life Force, although there may be further information on this in the future.

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