PlayStation console repair times have doubled in Russia

PlayStation console repair times have doubled in Russia ...

Consoles PlayStation Now they are repairing for two or more months. The reason for extending the time is linked to more complicated logistics, as well as the fact that the device exists in several versions, which only outwardly do not differ from each other, they write "News."

Denis Kuskov, CEO of Telecom Daily, said that spare parts are no longer pre-ordered, but are waiting for a specific user to submit for repairs. True, equipment can be fixed in a day at unofficial service centers.

The number of calls to repair shops in Russia has dramatically increased earlier, mainly due to the use of inferior quality goods.

Lawyers remind us that under Russian law, the maximum repair period for any device in the ASC should not exceed 1.5 months. If the device has not been repaired during this time, the consumer may demand compensation.

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