A robot hare was seen on rollers by Disney

A robot hare was seen on rollers by Disney ...

The wolf robot is currently unknown.

Researchers from Disney and WED Enterprises demonstrated a prototype of an animatronic roller, created with an eye on amusement parks. The prototype looks like an anthropomorphic hare, and the rollers are not the shoes that are to be worn.

The final animatronic is supposed to be similar to Judy Hopps from Zootopia. Now, according to CinemaBlend, Disney is planning a Zootopia-style amusement park in Shanghai.

The animatronic's engineers said little about the robot-hare's capabilities. Judging by the rollers, the robot-hare can stand up on its own and overcome obstacles, but it can also balance and roller-skate.

During the demonstration, the robot worked offline; one of the WED workers picked him up at some point.

In their amusement parks, Disney actively employs a wide array of animatronics. For example, at Disneyland California, the audience is entertained by an animatronic Spider-Man, who is able to execute tricks in the air.

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