The price of this Ninebot Segway F401 electric scooter has dropped by 149

The price of this Ninebot Segway F401 electric scooter has dropped by 149 ...

Electric scooters are becoming more prevalent in urban areas, and there is no surprise in that. They are economical, practical, and have an obvious ecological advantage over other vehicles.

On Amazon, you can get the Ninebot F401 electric scooter for €549.99.

Segway is a Chinese company that established itself in the mobility industry by purchasing the American Segway (yes, the famous gyropods). Today, their Ninebot scooters are akin to the famous Xiaomi.

The Ninebot Segway electric scooter costs no longer €549.99, i.e., with an immediate discount of 21% of its total price.

The Ninbot Segway F401 electric scooter's strengths

The Segway Ninebot F401 electric scooter is a solid choice for pleasant rides in urban areas without compromising on the safety of your trips. With its 350 W motor, it allows you to travel throughout the city from one end to the other at a standard maximum speed of 25 km/h and up to 40 km.

The only problem to note about this reference would be its weight, which means you have to carry it up stairs. It also has 10-inch tube tires for a smooth ride, and a folding design that makes it easy to store between rides.

The Ninebot F401 is capable of handling some steep slopes without feeling too much difficulty. The scooter includes useful features such as regenerative electric braking on the front wheel and a disc brake on the rear wheel. The double braking system ensures safe driving.

Dimensions :

120,0 kgLimit supported : 48 x 116 x 114.3 cmWeight : 17,1 kg

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