On AliExpress, a guy buys a 2 TB hard drive for ten euros, and when he opens it, he discovers the truth

On AliExpress, a guy buys a 2 TB hard drive for ten euros, and when he opens it, he discovers the tr ...

JVTech News When he opens the box, he discovers the truth. AliExpress offers a 2TB hard drive for 10 euros.

Published on 03/20/2023 at 20:35

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This Reddit user discovered the hard way when he considered buying an AliExpress 2 TB SSD.

The world we live in today is becoming more digital, and the most crucial parts of our lives, like our photos or other documents, have almost all been dematerialized. We are tempted to equip ourselves with an external hard drive or SSD to reclaim our content.

A SSD is also used internally in a PC and is useful for players who want to launch their games in a hurry. However, SSDs cost more, due to the huge differences in performance.

Do you think you would object to a 10 euro external hard drive deal?

On AliExpress, you can get a 2TB hard drive for 10 euros.On AliExpress, you can get a 2 TB hard drive for 10 euros.

When you don't have the budget, a hard drive is clearly the answer. It's why everything takes time: starting your computer, opening and transferring files... It's also noisy, takes up space, and it's fragile.

A SSD is not the opposite, although it is more costly. You can find 2 TB (2000 GB) SSDs for around €160, where an equivalent hard drive is around €60. A substantial reduction, especially if you stumble upon a 10€ hard drive offer on Reddit.

Do you like to take risks? You might be correct, but utilizator u/NooBGam3R007 nonetheless took a risk. He couldn't resist seeing an ad on AliExpress, a Chinese resale website.

Reality is slapped in the face.

The victim only waited a few days after buying the box to realize the deception. It is a simple USB key that is attached to a printed circuit to connect it to a fixed PC.

A very funny situation, which demonstrates the intent of some AliExpress scam sellers to concealing software for those who don't know much about computers. And, unfortunately, the absence of additional information from the author raises several concerns, starting with: Does it work? Besides the fact that it's a scam, can this particular USB key really work?

This is yet another reminder to not blindly trust tech products that are pricing that is clear too good to be true. In 90% of the instances, you will discover a problem, often too late.

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