Xiaomi's Anniversary Promotions Are Coming to an End!

Xiaomi's Anniversary Promotions Are Coming to an End! ...

It is now more important than ever to look into BBB alternatives (Good, Beautiful, and of course, Cheap!).

Despite an increase in the cost of Xiaomi's highest ranges, the Chinese giant remains one of the world's most important manufacturers in terms of quality/price, in part due to the introduction of its sub-brands Redmi and POCO.

Do you want to know more?

The slogan for this new Xiaomi campaign is thus simple: "Get more for less!"

The manufacturer refers to the new POCO X5 Pro, the Redmi 12C, and the wearables Redmi Band 2 and Smart Band 7. Interestingly, there are also new discounts pointing to the Xiaomi 12 Pro, which was also released last year.

If you want a solid phone at a reasonable price, the POCO X5 Pro is one of the most appealing alternatives. With a 108MP main sensor, an OLED screen capable of reaching 120Hz, and of course, a long battery life.

It's one of the most interesting smartphones in the lowest price ranges. Especially when you have a discount on top. (Link)

The Redmi 12C is a very interesting device, although it is less expensive than the POCO X5 Pro. It's also more suited for less demanding users, who want to spend less money, but it's still powerful, with a smartphone at their disposal that's ready for everything and everyone.

A discount is also available! Link

A very interesting smartband, that isn't that different from the Smart Band 7, and that includes a bigger screen. Link.

The Smart Band is the latest version of the Mi Band, which is a very useful fitness band. Link.

Finally, a superb top of the range device, armed with all that Xiaomi had to offer at the time. After all, it's still a top-of-the-line device today, much better than many newer models at similar prices.


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