Photo: AI arranges a Hogwarts party

Photo: AI arranges a Hogwarts party ...

We now know how the children had a great time in their free time.

The heroes in J.K. Rowling's books and Potter films either face evil or prepare to face evil: there is only one fairly small ball for the whole cycle. Surely the Hogwarts students had fun in some other way, but how?

LateNightCoffeeShop, a Redditor, used the Midjourney neural network to answer this question. Although the previous version of Midjourney was improved, the new one can produce far more realistic images.

The neural network immediately showed how a student hangout at Hogwarts might be portrayed. The Weasley brothers performed exceptionally well (they complement the red complexion) and the soothing Hermione.

The professorial staff sounded a bit less strange: Professor Snape is a classy guy, but Dumbledore hasn't done neural networks very well; in one of the shots, the director looks like a schoolboy with a fake beard.

Hagrid was nevertheless able to join the student body.

This is an interesting story.

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