These are the devices that cause the highest electricity rates!

These are the devices that cause the highest electricity rates! ...

Most households have a large number of electrical appliances that are always on. These devices are normally used on a daily basis. However, for practical reasons, we usually leave other devices connected. The point is that some devices are harmless. But these are the devices that increase the electricity bill.

These are the devices that save you money on electricity bills!

Electrical devices usually consume only a few calories per hour, regardless of whether or not they are turned on or off. So depending on how many devices we have, it is possible that we are paying 10 or 20 euros per month to feed these energy vampires.

While less power is the primary reason to turn things off, there's also the issue of spikes. It's normal to experience minor surges of energy that can last for years.

Many electrical items should not be left on for long periods. For example, battery-powered devices like smartphones and laptops should only be turned on to charge. If left on longer, it may reduce battery life. That's why you shouldn't charge these devices all the time.

The standby lights that are present in many devices serve as evidence that energy is being used, not least because these devices are always on the go. Others that appear to be on are actually in standby mode. even when turned off.

There are certain items that, due to their characteristics, must be disconnected from the socket or at least connected to those extensions with an on and off button.

The most common appliance in the Portuguese house, the TV, is our starting point. Most modern televisions have standby lights that use power whenever they are on, and devices connected to them, such as boxes and multimedia players, must also be turned off for the same reason.

The same holds true for sound equipment. Hi-Fi devices tend to have multiple standby lights. Any system that can be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can also be using electricity all the time. This is to ensure that everything is always working.

The same applies to computers and their peripherals: all have standby lights. A computer in sleep mode uses more power than when switched off.

Leaving your devices on overnight is harmful to your electricity bills, as well as your battery life.

Small kitchen appliances are no exception. Many of them include digital screens and/or standby lights.

It's not that difficult to turn on and off devices every day, but you may save time by using switch extension cords or smart plugs.

Extension cords are much more portable and are primarily designed to enable you to connect more devices to a single outlet and turn everything off with a single switch. This makes them particularly beneficial if you have multiple devices to unplug each night.

Smart plugs can be connected to other smart home devices or used independently. To save energy, they automatically turn off devices using a timer or via smartphone.

So by making a few tweaks, you may reduce the light bill.

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