A huge Nintendo brand might make a comeback, but only on Switch 2?

A huge Nintendo brand might make a comeback, but only on Switch 2? ...

Nintendo Prime's podcast featured a footage of a new 3D Donkey Kong that had been in development for a long time, but many fans have begun to lose hope.

A new 3D Donkey Kong is said to be in the works.

Despite rumors from the past, the game is still in development and will probably be released at some point. Vicarious Visions, known for the Crash Bandicoot remaster and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, among others, is well-known for its open world and its name.

Miyamoto is said to have been a major contributor to the project and genuinely enjoyed the process. However, the title is now being worked on internally at Nintendo due to a younger group of developers who worked on Super Mario Odyssey.

PC game enthusiasts are also a fan.

Nintendo has announced a fantastic free gift for Switch players, but you only have a few days until the offer is released.

Another Gamecube classic might soon be remastered, as well as the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Donkey Kong Freedom will never be released in its open-world form, or even bear the same name as it was in 2017, according to Nintendo Prime. The title will not be released until the next generation of Nintendo consoles, although these are just rumors.

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