New Neon Map, Skin Upgrades, and More in PUBG: Battlegrounds: Roadmap for 2023

New Neon Map, Skin Upgrades, and More in PUBG: Battlegrounds: Roadmap for 2023 ...

Last weekend, a celebration of the sixth anniversary of PUBG: Battlegrounds was held. They also discussed what was anticipated for the current year 2023.

The makers presented some key information on the long-running Battle Royale PUBG: Battlegrounds in the still young year 2023. They want to chart the path for the future in a manner that the title remains true to the beginning, while at the same time not neglecting the core of the original experience.

The normal game zone should evolve into "PUBG's fun zone" and establish itself - far away from the competitiveness of ranked games. In addition, a new revive strategy different from Comeback BR will be implemented and equipment will be rebuilt from the ground up.

Both modes will soon have identical settings, so future updates will also apply to official esports tournaments.

"If this code name invokes vivid urban jungles made of concrete and glass, players are on the right track," according to the creators. Neon will include a modern city enlivened with shiny skyscrapers as well as a new gameplay style that is yet to be discovered.

The classic maps Erangel and Miramar will be given a visual makeover, extensive improvements, and new locations. Other improvements include a new arcade system and a clan system in the middle of the year. Two Survivor Pass updates, progressive weapon skins, fresh brand collaborations, and more round out the package.

The complete developer update as well as a slew of other information may be found here on the official website.

Intense Battle Royale Gameplay Trailer for PUBG: Battlegrounds

In this new trailer, the new mode from the long-running PUBG: Battlegrounds is shown in action.

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