Pokmon Crimson & Purple is in the final stages of its development (Switch)

Pokmon Crimson & Purple is in the final stages of its development (Switch) ...

For 26 years, the games were strictly RPGs, but suddenly everything is different. Has long been Pokémon no longer felt so fresh and new? Always! In fact, you may explore Paldea almost completely before the first order.

If you want to go more leisurely, try this. Besides, there are over 400 Pokémon species that make exploration non-hazardous. Most of the time, new species are introduced more naturally.

Miraidon and Koraidon, two legendary Pokémon, are available right from the start as mobile or running pedestals, and may be improved over the course of the game. Gliding, sprinting, swimming, and flying — only real flying would have been nicer. Unfortunately, Paldea is often quite empty. There are a few clues here, but you will not find any mini-dungeons or puzzles.

Many aspects of Crimson and purple are equally ambivalent – for every positive there is a negative. However, most buildings are simply facades and menus when you interact with shop doors. NPCs are very diverse in age, shape, and ethnicity, but hardly anyone has anything interesting to say. After all, central characters like Nemona are convincing.

Before Pokémon-Games, there was a red storyline with a side quest, but at its core, there are now three story lines, each with a common challenge of Gym Leaders, but you can also unravel the mystery of the Titan Pokémon in Team Star.

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