On Android, Google separated notifications and calls!

On Android, Google separated notifications and calls! ...

You may want to have separate sound volumes for notifications and ringtones on many Samsung smartphones. This makes sense, since you may want incoming calls to have a higher priority than app notifications. However, Pixels users have long wished Google would remove the two volumes.

On Android, Google separated notifications and calls!

Many Pixel smartphone users who are running Android 14 DP2 have noticed this discrepancy.

Mishaal Rahman, a well-known journalist, claims that Google has been working on disseparating notification volume and ringtones since the Android 13 QPR2 release. However, to be entitled to this change, the company must have already created a flag. With Android 14 DP2, it appears that the company has already made this feature "publicly."

If you turn your smartphone on vibrate, you'll notice that although there's no relationship between the volume of calls and notifications.

Whether or not Google intended this change, everything suggests that it is something that is truly intended and, above all, to stay.

Owners of Pixel phones may now download the Android 14 Developer Preview or the Android 13 QPR3 beta to get the most out of this change.

Obviously, many users wanted it, and there is no doubt that it will enthuse many users.

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